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What We Do

Model the Planet's revolutionary Live BIM solution extends the value of BIM into the facilities management operations.Model the Planet's revolutionary Live BIM™ modeling and integration solutions extend the value of traditional BIM beyond a building's design and construction phases, providing facilities operators with insights to drive better resource and facilities management, longer asset and systems performance and sustainable, energy efficient operations.

From reducing initial construction costs to streamlining the cost of occupation with maintenance and energy savings, MTP’s Live BIM solution enables orchestrated management of expansive infrastructures throughout every phase of building life.

The Business Process Value Chain For Live BIM™ Methodology

Model the Planet's Live BIM solution provides value for internal stakeholders throughout every phase of the building lifecycle (Design, Build, and Operate).

Driving down resource waste and the costs associated with disparate construction processes, decentralized work order management and inefficient asset utilization, our Live BIM model provides all parties in every lifecycle phase – whether design, build or operation – with invaluable intelligence on the utility parts and systems needed to keep a building running at optimal performance.

Providing Unmatched Inventorying Capabilities

Current methods for modeling utility assets within existing infrastructures are limited in their ability to produce precise synthetic environments. Laser scans or models built from 2D renderings cannot achieve the accuracy needed to fully understand and optimize all the MEP parts and systems within an expansive building.

MTP’s expert team of engineers takes physical inventory of all the utility assets behind the walls of your infrastructure, providing unequaled intelligence on exact part locations, part models, model numbers and more. Loading this comprehensive data, along with manuals, warranty information and other relevant documentation associated with each asset, into a single Live BIM model, we can generate a highly robust, exact replication model of your MEP environment.

Consolidating MEP Asset Data within a Centralized, Updateable ‘BIM Desk’

MTP’s Live BIM solution integrates all utility asset data within a single, updateable model. Instead of working individually from a separate design desk, construction desk, engineering desk or management desk, users across disciplines can all work from one centralized ‘Live BIM desk’.

Changes made to the building by any entity are changed once in Live BIM, eliminating the redundancies of having multiple models across disciplines – and the inevitable disparities in data that occur even with strict controls between users and models.

Integrating Live BIM to Maximize Infrastructure Lifecycle Cost Savings

To help facilities and finance managers realize the maximum potential of Live BIM, MTP provides integration services that extend our model’s capabilities in coordination with asset management, work order management and energy management activities.

With an integration solution such as Live BIM to IBM’s Maximo asset management software, MTP can leverage the data housed in the model to quickly populate asset information within Maximo. From the integrated interface, facilities managers can utilize the work order management tool to track preventive maintenance and query assets to see their exact physical geographic location within the building. A preventive maintenance module can be used to generate a work order for repair or servicing of an asset just from selecting the part in the Live BIM model view, drastically cutting labor hours needed to source the area within an expansive structure.

But MTP is also taking Live BIM integration beyond just that of FM tools, helping facilities managers gain never-before-realized visibility into their building systems with Live BIM to Maximo integration with real-time monitoring sensor systems.

Establishing Innovative Energy Plans

Through our Live BIM solution, MTP helps facilities identify and resolve the root inefficiencies of their building’s assets, and establish ongoing building performance targets related to energy consumption, carbon emissions, and an array of other operating factors.

Once energy waste has been brought under control, MTP’s model can be used to analyze and compare new energy management options that will dramatically reduce environmental impact and operating costs moving forward.

Giving operators the ability to perform carbon footprint reviews and proactively identify under-performing system areas, Live BIM ensures the successful implementation of green initiatives throughout remaining building life.


Our engineers go behind infrastructure walls, taking physical inventory of your building's MEP parts.




Our Live BIM model becomes a single interface for users across disciplines to access and update.




Integrating Live BIM with an asset management tool such as IBM's Maximo streamlines work order processing up to 75%.





Live BIM enables operators to proactively identify under-performing system areas for energy improvement.