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The model becomes a centralized, single source of information – eliminating model redundancies and asset data disparities.

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Parts Modeled with Live BIM™

The Largest As-Built
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It took Live BIM™ to model the more than 90 miles of existing utilities in the McCarran Airport.

Who We Are

Model the Planet

Model the Planet is a building information modeling and consulting services company.  We are redefining efficiency in Building Lifecycle Management with our Live BIM™ solution, a breakthrough modeling approach that enables expansive buildings to achieve unprecedented levels of operational performance by streamlining facilities maintenance, optimizing resource management and driving new savings in energy efficiency.

Extending the capabilities of traditional building information modeling (BIM) far beyond infrastructure rendering, Live BIM brings together – in a single model – detailed data on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing assets behind the structural walls. Uniting this comprehensive building information into a single interface, we empower operators to use BIM to its fullest mode with cross-discipline collaboration that drives efficiency and has organizations realizing a 20 to 60% return on investment.

The Value Chain of Live BIM™ for Stakeholders in Every Phase

Model the Planet's Live BIM solution provides value for internal stakeholders throughout every phase of the building lifecycle (Design, Build, and Operate).

Live BIM turns the traditionally fragmented process of a building's design, construction and operation into a collaborative effort where architects, engineers, contractors, facilities managers and finance departments can all share expertise and information to develop the best solutions for optimal operational performance.

We Are Solving an Industry-Wide Challenge

As pressure mounts to deliver savings not only in the design and build phases of large infrastructure projects, but also to expand those savings through the operation and maintenance phases of structural life, collaboration across disciplines around accurate building data is more critical than ever.

The Value of Information regarding the object increases exponentially from Planning to Design to Build to Operate.

Although the value of up-to-date parts data increases significantly as assets move from the build phase to the maintenance phase, building designers, engineers and operators are still struggling to find an efficient way to sync up their information and prevent costly data loss as their building progresses through its lifecycle phases.

In fact, research by NIST has shown that the lack of interoperability of data among collaborating firms is costing the U.S. construction industry some $15.8 billion per year.

Leveraging technology to develop new and more efficient ways of working together for operational progress, MTP has developed its Live BIM solution as a single-source model to house and deliver easily accessible, up-to-date data of all utility system parts over their entire asset life – which for some infrastructure projects could be 100 years or more.

We ARE EnablING Highly Efficient Building Operations

Allowing any discipline – from engineers who are constructing new infrastructure to facilities managers who are maintaining existing building operations – to access and update the latest information on their building’s most mission-critical utility systems, Live BIM becomes a ‘living’, ever-evolving model that can be integrated with other enterprise systems to streamline work order management, optimize maintenance and energy initiatives, and drive cost savings from efficiencies gained throughout every phase of the building’s lifespan.

Learn more about MTP’s Live BIM capabilities and the efficiency and costs savings our innovative model can drive for existing infrastructures, building expansions and new infrastructures.


MTP's Live BIM model allows facilities to maintain accurate data on all utility system parts over their entire asset life – which could be 100 years or more.




MTP's Live BIM model is a central data source.model the planet' Live Bim solution is a central data source for all entities including owner, architect, engineer, contractor, and facilities manager


Live BIM becomes a 'living', ever-evolving model used to optimize efficiency throughout a building's lifespan.