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In the U.S. alone, existing buildings use 70% of the country’s electricity – and waste 50% of it. With growing pressure from federal mandates and green initiatives, the majority of large structures today need not only an efficiency overhaul, but a long-term energy management plan to maintain more sustainable operations.

Through MTP’s innovative Live BIM™ modeling solutions, large-scale facilities can create a ‘living’ model of the critical parts that make up their building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems – and in turn, identify problem areas where excessive energy waste is occurring. Our engineering team performs a physical inventory of all utility assets to ensure the most accurate and complete parts information is loaded for modeling in the Live BIM.

Once fully rendered as a synthetic environment, MTP's solution allows facilities managers to interact with the model to pinpoint system sections that are causing waste issues. These areas can be retrofitted with new energy-efficient designs and then proactively monitored via the Live BIM to ensure performance levels remain in line with new target goals.

Enabling Efficient Infrastructures

Instead of adding alternative energy solutions to already inefficient buildings, Live BIM allows facilities managers to resolve the root problems of their existing assets. Once energy waste has been brought under control, the model can be used to analyze and compare new energy management options that will dramatically reduce environmental impact and operating costs moving forward. Live BIM’s integration capabilities also drive streamlined work order processing, allowing facilities managers to react quickly to operational problems that if otherwise left unattended would add to overall inefficiency.

Establishing Energy Game Plans

Giving operators the ability to proactively manage green initiatives, perform carbon footprint reviews and address maintenance issues with speed, Live BIM ensures the successful implementation of your established master energy plan while streamlining operational costs throughout the remaining phases of the building’s lifespan.

Live BIM’s integration capabilities also drive streamlined work order processing.