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Building Types

Making Miles of
Utilities Manageable

Locate any MEP asset and its associated information in mere minutes through the Live BIM model.

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   Up to40%
Reduced Energy Consumption

From Increased Energy Conservation Programs
Live BIM helps facilities reach new standards in sustainability by enabling them to analyze inefficient systems and establish a proactive energy management plan.

Expansion of Infrastructure

Model the Planet's Live BIM helps supports expansion of existing infrastructure.

In order for a building expansion to be both cost-effective and operationally efficient, it must be designed to function optimally within the parameters of the infrastructure that already exists. If you don’t know the details of the systems and parts within your current structure, there is no way to ensure the new construction assets will accurately integrate in a way that optimizes overall operational performance.

MTP brings new efficiencies to facilities looking to expand their building footprint. By utilizing Live BIM™ to first model the comprehensive MEP systems behind the walls of the existing building structure, we are able to identify parts and system structures that can be leveraged within the new expansion’s design.

Access the Parts to Assemble New Models Quickly

Pulling from the compiled library of modeled parts, architects and designers can quickly assemble a model of the expansion for analysis and evaluation. Helping facilities understand the structural make up of their existing building, Live BIM enables efficient and correct construction of any infrastructure expansions – and gives these operations the ability to condense part inventories by utilizing common assets in the new building systems wherever possible.

Eliminate Redundancies with a Single Collaborative Model

During the expansion efforts, updates made to any systems in either the existing or new building areas can be made within the same Live BIM model. As a comprehensive single source interface, Live BIM eliminates redundancies and allows all parties collaborating on the project to access the most up-to-date information on each MEP system model.

Live BIM provides architects and engineers with critical information to streamline the build phase on the front end, and offers facility operators unprecedented efficiency in the management of the entire infrastructure post-build.



Quickly assemble expansion models using Live BIM's comprehensive library of existing system parts.