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The model becomes a centralized, single source of information – eliminating model redundancies and asset data disparities.

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New Infrastructure

Model the Planet's Live BIM solution also aids in the design of new infrastructure.

As every member of the building ecosystem – from designers to engineers to facilities managers – face growing pressure to deliver more efficient and cost-effective construction projects, the need to accurately scope buildings in their initial design phase, and better manage their operational performance and energy consumption after, has become more essential than ever before.

MTP’s Live BIM™ modeling solution drives cost savings throughout the building process by identifying potential issues before they occur in the construction phase, and offering design solutions to proactively solve the conflicts detected. But the value of Live BIM extends far past the commissioning of the building, offering a comprehensive solution to optimize the ongoing management of the newly built structure.

Gain Visibility to Significantly Reduce Cost & Resource Waste

Live BIM allows operators to perform “what-if” analysis to assess an array of possible construction approaches and, in turn, reduce the cost of bidding. With greater visibility around what the end product will actually be, Live BIM greatly reduces construction errors and eliminates cost and resource waste associated with those inaccuracies.

As a collision avoidance model, Live BIM greatly reduces the threat of costly construction errors. When integrated with an asset management system like IBM Maximo, users can apply attributes to every part that goes into the building – a key benefit in streamlining the RFI and commissioning processes. Once operations begin, facilities managers can leverage the data in this same comprehensive model to optimize resource and facilities management activities.

Drive Down TCO from Design & Build to End of Building Life

It is clear that Live BIM addresses more than just the short-term challenges of new construction, delivering value that extends through every phase of the building’s lifecycle. Once the model is built, it becomes the single interface from which facilities managers, engineers and other building management entities can monitor performance, log system upgrades or expansion efforts, and optimize work order processing.

The updateable model data seamlessly integrates with comprehensive asset management applications to deliver the most robust building lifecycle management tool available for unmatched cost, labor and operating savings.

Perform "what-if" analysis in Live BIM to test an array of construction approaches in the pre-build phase.