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How Green is
Your Building?

Live BIM can help you achieve the standard in sustainability – utilize the model to help maintain LEED certification or as an alternative to reach measurable energy savings.

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Reduction in Man Hours

Through Work Order Processing with Live BIM™ to IBM Maximo
Reduce time per work order call out from 12 hours to 3 with Live BIM to Maximo integration.

When Efficiency & Performance are Critical

Model the Planet's Live BIM solution is ideal for large, complex structures.For buildings that are large in scale and complex in nature, MTP’s Live BIM™ solution is an ideal fit. These facilities must often perform specialized activities, making the availability of high-performance utility systems even more critical to operational success.

These infrastructures may include airports, government facilities, convention centers, casinos, campuses and high rises, to name a few. Whether used in the construction phase of a brand new building or to better manage the performance of an existing one, Live BIM adds value at every point is it implemented – and throughout every remaining phase of the structure’s lifecycle.

Live BIM™ Value Spans Building Phases & Extends to all Disciplines

Model the Planet's Live BIM solution provides value for internal stakeholders throughout every phase of the building lifecycle (Design, Build, and Operate).

FOR Existing Infrastructures

Without the data to identify exact locations of inefficiency, large buildings will never be able to bring their energy consumption levels under control. Live BIM provides full visibility into the root system issues within an infrastructure, allowing facilities managers to implement initiatives to significantly lower their building’s environmental footprint.
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For Expansion of Infrastructure

With Live BIM, designers and engineers have complete data on the utility systems and parts of the existing infrastructure at their fingertips. This allows them to quickly create new models for testing evaluation before construction of the expansion even begins.
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For New Infrastructures

Long before breaking ground, architects, engineers and contractors can use Live BIM to analyze factors related to constructability and resource use. As a result, problems can be identified and resolved early, when decisions can have the greatest impact on cost, schedule and sustainability.
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Live BIM is ideal for large infrastructures like airports, convention centers, casinos, high rises and campuses.