Live BIM-Powered Management Integration
Live BIM-Powered Management
BIM desk

Cross-Discipline Collaboration
via the Live BIM Desk

The model becomes a centralized, single source of information – eliminating model redundancies and asset data disparities.

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Reduction in Labor Hours

To Integrate Asset Management Software Using Live BIM™
Leverage Live BIM's asset data to quickly populate facilities management software and cut the immense inventorying time and costs traditionally needed for large-scale integration projects.

Live BIM™ Integration

integration of MEP parts modeling into work order managementImagine this – a pipe on the third floor of your building cracks. Instead of learning about the leak after extensive damage has already occured, you are instantly alerted to the issue and the part's exact location. You can also access real-time data on the pipe's current temperature and pressure levels, as well as its replacement part number, inventory levels, warranty documents and more. Armed with such comprehensive information, you can immediately dispatch support for a quick resolution, managing the exception long before it becomes a costly problem.

This scenario is becoming a reality, as MTP is helping facilities managers realize the full possibilities of a Live BIM™ to Maximo solution through integration with advanced control systems. Every expansive infrastructure is a system of systems, all which require constant attention and upkeep to ensure the building continues to perform successfully well into the operational phases of its lifecycle. A building's mechanical, electrical and plumbing components all interoperate, and the performance of one can have a significant impact on another.

There is also massive amounts of data associated with these building systems, from the type of parts that make them up to the temperature of the fluids that run inside them. A Live BIM to IBM Maximo integration will give facilities managers a significant leg up in terms of ability to identify asset locations, inventory levels and more, but MTP is taking this a step further by integrating the Live BIM model/asset management solution with automated control sensors.

Receive Instant, Real-Time Alerts to Events or Outages

Adding control sensors into the Live BIM to Maximo equation changes the meaning of facilities efficiency, streamlining operations at a whole new level. The integration provides unmatched visibility into the inner workings of the building, allowing facilities managers to anticipate issues and act on them immediately.

If an error in pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. in any system occurs, the sensor will pick up the change and automatically send out an alert via the Live BIM model. With the asset information from Maximo also available within the Live BIM desk, facilities managers can quickly understand why the detection was considered abnormal, identify replacement part needs, and immediately dispatch support to the exact location of the exception.

From dramatically improving staff response time to greatly reducing energy and maintenance expenditures, the fully integrated Live BIM model is a one-of-a-kind solution that will change the way the industry operates – smarter, faster and for the better.


Sensor integration with Live BIM to Maximo gives real-time visibility into all systems, allowing facilities managers to anticipate issues and act on them immediately.