Live BIM-Powered Management Overview
Live BIM-Powered Management
Live BIM Integration

Maximize Live BIM
with IBM Maximo

Connect asset information to streamline preventative maintenance and drive lifecycle asset performance.

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12 hours to 3
Time Reduced per Call Out

With Work Order Processing through Live BIM™
Utilize an integrated Live BIM model to pinpoint in minutes problematic parts, their exact location, model number and inventory levels so that maintenance can begin immediately.

Operational Excellence through Live BIM™

Model the Planet is empowering facilities managers by providing more visibility into the status of their structure's lifecycle.Model the Planet is empowering facilities managers with benefits of building information modeling beyond the engineering and development phase of a structure’s lifecycle, turning our Live BIM™ model into an actionable solution to optimally manage operations when the building is occupied.

Large facilities are made up of massive amounts of system parts, all which require careful management over their entire asset life to ensure the building as whole can function at the most efficient performance. Unfortunately, older assets are frequently subject to undocumented or poorly recorded updates and revisions which diverge significantly from their original design, leaving facilities managers with a gap in information and an inability to fully optimize operations because of data disparities.

All Disciplines Can Work From Live BIM's Single, Centralized Model

The traditional model of communication between Architect, Owner, Facilities Manager, Contractor, and Engineer is highly matrixed and complicated, which Model the Planet's Live BIM solution simplifies and centralized the communication paths..

MTP’s Live BIM object-orientated modeling is an unprecedented solution for existing buildings to streamline part data collaboration, and in turn, ensure that the accuracy of utility asset information – across all facilities management software tools – is continually upheld. After a physical inventory of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing assets is taken and loaded into Live BIM, the model provides full visibility into the rich data collected, and the ability for all disciplines – from engineers to owners to facilities managers – to utilize a single source of information to meet ongoing operational management objectives.

Turning Accurate Data into Significant Time & Cost Savings

Expansive infrastructures must utilize a number of facilities management tools to effectively run their operations. If these systems are not sharing the most up-to-date data, inconsistencies in information can lead to crippling time and resource inefficiencies trying to identify which component is in fact providing the correct output of data.

It is at this integration juncture that Live BIM gives facilities a true competitive advantage. Possessing the most up-to-date and accurate information on the part assets most critical to ensuring top building performance, Live BIM can be used to quickly populate facilities management software systems, like IBM Maximo – in a fraction of the time and with the highest level of data quality control.

With a Live BIM to IBM Maximo integrated solution, buildings have the opportunity to dramatically streamline preventative maintenance and resource management initatives – and when fully integrated with sensor control systems, Live BIM to Maximo becomes one powerful, centralized interface to handle both reactive and proactive maintenance, energy and resource-related operations.



Through facilities management software integration, Live BIM gives operators a true competitive advantage.