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Cross-Discipline Collaboration
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The model becomes a centralized, single source of information – eliminating model redundancies and asset data disparities.

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Reduction in Man Hours

Through Work Order Processing with Live BIM™ to IBM Maximo
Reduce time per work order call out from 12 hours to 3 with Live BIM to Maximo integration.

Live BIM™ for Work Order Management

work order managementDriving new levels of efficiency in facilities maintenance, resource allocation and energy management, Live BIM™ offers the greatest operational and cost savings impact when utilized to enhance the performance of existing infrastructures. Seamlessly integrating Live BIM’s parts data with functionality-rich asset management software, MTP gives facilities managers a centralized interface from which to execute and optimize work order processing.

The maintenance required to run a 1M+ square foot building can generate hundreds of work orders per month. Traditionally, an average work order requires 12 man hours to source the issue location, identify required parts and put in place the resources needed to fix the problem.

With an IBM Maximo-integrated Live BIM solution, facilities managers can instead interact directly with the model to pinpoint in mere minutes the problematic system parts and their associated information, including exact location, model number, warranty and current inventory levels. Maintenance can begin immediately, and armed with such comprehensive information, facilities personnel can cut their average time per work order from 12 hours to just 3.

Streamline FM Tool Integration for Unmatched TIme & Cost Savings

The comprehensive parts information housed in Live BIM can be imported into facilities management, enterprise asset management and similar applications, automatically populating data fields and saving immense amounts of the inventorying time and costs that are traditionally associated with large-scale software integration projects. For example, an IBM Maximo integration project for a large building can take up to $2 million and 10,000 hours in labor – using Live BIM, this integration can be completed in merely 40 hours.

This streamlined integration offers unmatched savings in time and labor while enabling facilities to optimally manage the critical operational aspects of their infrastructure.

Enabling Proactive Building Management

While this asset management extension for Live BIM provides unmatched efficiency for reactive and emergency maintenance, it also allows operations to take a much more proactive approach to their building management demands.

Live BIM solution with work flow management integrated into the model.

Workflow Example: An asset may need to be serviced because the maintenance department received a hot call from a third party specifying their room is too hot. A work order is generated, and the technician assigned can research and pinpoint problem area using the Live BIM to Maximo integrated interface. They can immediately look up the spare parts in inventory to replace and/or repair the asset, and view all the history records of the asset in question to optimize timeliness in resolving the problem.


From the integrated BIM desk interface, facilities managers can monitor and optimize energy management, quickly identify assets in need of preventative maintenance and drive new levels of performance throughout every phase of the building’s lifespan.

Monitor & Meet Energy Performance Targets

Comparing Live BIM data with ‘in use’ intelligence allows facilities to understand if building performance targets related to energy consumption, carbon emissions, and an array of other operating factors are being met.

If capital improvements need to be made, the changes logged in the Live BIM model are automatically updated within the asset management system.

Reduce labor hours needed to populate FM tools like IBM Maximo up to 99.6% by leveraging the data housed in Live BIM.







Live BIM to IBM Maximo integration optimizes work order processing to reduce man hours per call out by up to 75%.









Comparing Live BIM data with ‘in use’ intelligence allows facilities to actively monitor energy performance targets.