What is Live BIM? Live BIM Capabilities
What is Live BIM?

Live BIM™ Capabilities

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Far more than a modeling tool, Live BIM is a solution to reach operational excellence.

From enabling cross-discipline collaboration to driving down labor costs per maintenance call out, MTP’s Live BIM solution extends the definition of BIM into new territory – where operational performance can be optimized and significant cost savings can be realized. Live BIM helps building operators achieve all this by:

Generating a Single, Integrated
Model of MEP PARTS

Live BIM utilizes object-orientated modeling to capture and render out the full mechanical, electrical and plumbing system parts within expansive building infrastructures. Unlike a BIM model that is as-built from a laser scan or by referencing 2D drawings only, Live BIM generates an extremely accurate synthetic environment from the survey data gathered through a physical inventory of a building’s structure and utility assets; ultimately providing a more complete, accurate information system that can be used by facility managers to analyze whole-building systems.

Bringing together an unprecedented amount of parts information – on literally hundreds of thousands of MEP assets – Live BIM then allows users across disciplines to access data and make updates from a single interface. Any changes made to the building can be made to the Live BIM model and seen by all parties, eliminating the redundancies and disparities of multiple user models and creating a ‘living’, ever-evolving solution that can be utilized to optimize collaboration throughout the remaining phases of the building’s lifecycle.

Streamlining FM Tool Integration Time
by up to 99%

To unlock the model’s full operational and cost savings potential, facilities management tools such as IBM’s powerful Maximo asset management software can be integrated with Live BIM. Automatically populating the software’s data fields with the model’s stored parts information, MTP can help building owners and operators save immense amounts of inventorying costs, streamlining Maximo integration labor time from 10,000 hours to as little as 40.

Once integrated, Live BIM to IBM Maximo gives facilities managers a solution to optimally manage ongoing maintenance activities. Allowing facilities managers to quickly identify part locations, warranty contracts, inventory levels and more, Live BIM to Maximo integration helps reduce system downtime, increase MEP asset life and ensure the right balance of critical part inventories – all through coordination from a centralized interface.

Cutting Work Order Processing Costs
by up to 75%

Traditionally, an average work order requires 12 man hours to resolve. Through the Live BIM to Maximo integrated interface, when a hot call is recieved, facilities managers can pinpoint in mere minutes the problematic system parts and their associated information, including exact location, model number, warranty and inventory levels. Maintenance can begin immediately, and armed with such comprehensive data, facilities personnel can cut their average time per work order from 12 hours to just 3.

In addition to reducing reactive maintenance man hours by up to 75%, Live BIM to Maximo also allows operators to take a much more proactive approach to building management. Comparing Live BIM data with ‘in use’ intelligence allows facilities to better understand the building’s energy consumption, carbon emissions and other operating factors. If capital improvements are made to improve systems identified to be causing waste, the changes logged in the Live BIM model automatically flow into Maximo, offering unmatched savings in both time and labor related to optimizing the building’s operational performance.

Taking Troubleshooting Capabilities to the Next Level

While MTP's Live BIM model provides unmatched benefits as an integrated solution with asset management tools, its capability to drive operational excellence is maximized when also integrated with sensor control systems.

In the first fully integrated BIM solution of its kind, sensor systems automate alerts to the Live BIM model whenever monitored parts in the building register abnormal readings. The model shows the exact location of the issue, and through the Live BIM to Maximo interface, facilities managers can identify the parts' inventory levels, warranties and other associated documentation. With such robust information right at their fingertips, building operators can reach new levels of labor, energy, resource and cost savings.


Live BIM is the best modeling solution to render all MEP systems together within a single model.







Using Live BIM, facilities can cut the time it takes to integrate asset management software like IBM Maximo down to as little as 40 hours.




Large buildings process hundreds of work orders each month – with an integrated Live BIM solution, the time required to resolve each call out can be reduced by 75%.





Live BIM's capability to drive operational excellence is maximized when also integrated with sensor control systems.