What is Live BIM? Live BIM Overview
What is Live BIM?

Making Miles of
Utilities Manageable

Locate any MEP asset and its associated information in mere minutes through the Live BIM model.

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Square Foot Single Model

In One Live BIM™ Model
Model the full mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of expansive buildings with Live BIM.

Putting the "I" Back in BIM

mep parts modelingLive BIM™'s object-orientated modeling method goes behind the walls to capture and render the complete details of a building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems parts. While this data can be used to drive time and costs savings in the design and build phases of new infrastructure, Live BIM's true potential is maximized when used to manage ongoing maintenance of existing buildings.

Live BIM produces a single model that is far more robust than one output from a laser scan or built off 2D renderings, capturing comprehensive part data on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems behind the walls of large existing infrastructures. Housing data on the utility systems that are most critical to a building's energy and operational performance, the Live BIM model's asset information can be continually accessed and updated to drive operational, maintenance and energy efficiencies throughout the occupancy phase of the building's lifecycle.

Live BIM Brings MEP Parts Data Together within a Single Model

Mechanical + Electrical + Plumbing = Model the Planet's centralized Live BIM

To fully capture the complex details on the utility assets that power an expansive structure, MTP's expert engineering team takes physical inventory of each existing system, recording and loading the intricate information they gather – including part locations, part types, manuals, and other relevant documentation associated with each asset – to generate a single, sophisticated synthetic MEP environment in Live BIM.

Unprecedented, World-Leading Modeling Capabilities

In fact, the amount of information that can be compiled and extracted from MTP’s Live BIM model is unprecedented. After being tasked with modeling the 90 miles of utilities within Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport, we built the largest MEP as-built BIM model in the world to date to house data on the 157,500 parts that were inventoried.

Model the Planet built the largest MEP as-built BIM model in the world to date to house data on the 157,500 parts that were inventoried.

This as-built model makes it possible for McCarran to identify under-performing system areas that have been neglected in the past or require efficiency overhaul, and to proactively monitor and maintain their infrastructure’s energy performance well into the future.

All Your Building's System Data – Accessed through One Centralized 'BIM DESK'

By bringing complex building information together within a single source, Live BIM also eliminates the redundancies of having multiple models across disciplines. Instead of a construction desk, engineers, contractors and facility managers can all work from one model at a centralized ‘BIM desk’ to ensure the most accurate systems data is readily available.

Updates made to the building are changed once in the BIM, allowing facilities managers to continuously utilize and evolve the model throughout all phases of the building’s lifecycle.

Utilize Live BIM Data to Streamline Facilities Management

The full benefits of Live BIM are realized when supporting the facility management phase of a building's lifecycle. Armed with the most comprehensive and current data on every mission-critical utility system, building operators can react quickly to issues and take a proactive approach to preventative maintenance, energy initiatives, and more.

These streamlined processes are enabled first by Live BIM integration with leading facilities management tools, such as IBM Maximo asset management software. Synchronizing information between systems, operators are able to quickly identify a part within the Live BIM model and view its history, warranties, exact location, inventory levels and more – ultimately driving faster work order processes and up to 75% savings in man hours per call out.

Beyond the FM tool integration, MTP is pushing facilities management efficiency to unprecedented heights by integrating the Live BIM to Maximo solution with advanced control systems that provide real-time visibility into a structure's MEP systems. Any parts that register temperature, pressure, or other monitored levels out of normal range could be instantly detected by the sensors, which automate an alert to the Live BIM model showing the part location and replacement inventory levels, via Maximo. This fully integrated solution allows managers to take swift, immediate action as soon as issues arise and avoid potential costly damage to the system and excessive downtime.

MTP used Live BIM to build the largest MEP as-built BIM model in the world to date – housing data on 157,500 utility parts – for McCarran Airport.








Any system updates made to the building are made once in Live BIM, eliminating redundancies of discipline-specific, disparate models.



Realize the full benefits of Live BIM through integration with facilities management software and sensor control systems.