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What is Live BIM?

Resources on BIM Technology

Although our Live BIM™ solution is the only one of its kind on the market today, many building owners, engineers, facilities managers and finance managers are realizing the opportunities presented by BIM technology.

Explore the following third-party resources to discover what industry experts are saying about BIM and how it is shaping the future of building management for the betterment of our planet.

Watch as the "IBM Smarter Buildings" platform unfolds

[video] IBM Maximo Asset Management provides a solution that addresses energy, operations and space to strategically optimize facilities. 


Autodesk® discusses “The Advantages of BIM-Enabled Sustainable Design for Improving Commercial Building Performance.”

[whitepaper] With a focus on the environment, the proposed concepts are backed by evidence-based building analysis that accurately predicts performance over a project’s lifecycle.

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Industry authority provides insight into the “FM Issue: Harnessing the Power of BIM” 

[article] Richard Thomas considers how FMs can reap the full benefits of a BIM solution while understanding the value proposition and realizing a steady ROI.

Click here to access the piece from Today's Facility Manager.

IBM Distinguished Engineer presents on “A Smarter way to manage real estate and facilities.”

[presentation] Jim Fletcher proposes the notion of “Smarter Buildings on a Smarter Planet” achieved by incorporating instrumented, interconnected and intelligent solutions.

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IBM Maximo Product Manager reports on “Making Buildings Smarter with ‘Maximo Space Management.’”

[video] Kim Woodbury discusses how the software can meet the needs of smart and sustainable buildings using prognostic analytics to lower energy consumption and costs.